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Discover our extensive collection of window articles on window replacement topics. These home improvement articles cover all aspects of home windows. If you cannot find a home window replacement article and are unable to find it below, simply email us and we will work diligently to put together a comprehensive article that addresses your topic of interest.

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Replacement Window Articles

Best Replacement Windows - When selecting the best replacement windows, it is important to consider the following when choosing a replacement window: Energy efficiency: Energy efficient windows are best if you are trying to save money on heating and cooling bills. Use the NFCR and Energy Star ratings to find the window that will best meet your needs. Resilience: For long-lasting quality, choose windows known for their durability, such as Milgard, Pella, and Anderson windows.

Buying Replacement Windows - Buying replacement windows for your home may make you feel inundated by all of the options, and by some of the hard-sell approaches of salespeople selling replacement windows. By being equipped with some knowledge before you head out to purchase replacement windows, you will be in a much better position to determine which factors are most important to you when it comes to selecting windows and can therefore make a more informed decision.

Energy Efficient Windows - Although it is often overlooked when considering home improvement projects, there are many advantages to replacing your home's windows. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), homes lose up to one third of their heat through their windows and doors, but you can increase your energy efficiency and save money by replacing your old windows.

Home Replacement Windows - If you're looking for a way to beautify the exterior of your home, conserve energy and add value all at the same time, then an investment in home replacement windows is a great choice. Home window replacement is one of the best home improvements you can consider for your home since they not only look good but provide energy efficiency, which conserves valuable resources and saves you money. In fact, the money you can save on heating and cooling bills can offset the investment you make in your home replacement windows in just a few short years!

Purchasing Replacement Windows - Once you have decided to replace your current windows, you must choose when and how to complete the installation. Below are some tips to help you with your decisions:

Replacement Basement Windows - Installing new basement windows can reduce energy costs, improve your home's value, and avoid other problems in the future. Since basement window plays an essential role in your home's defense against leaks, rodents, and other pests, making sure that you have windows that truly work to keep these things out is critical. If your basement windows have drafts, leaks, or often get covered with moisture, it's high time for you to think about installing new basement windows.

Replacement Window Contractors - Finding a qualified window replacement expert isn't that much different from picking any other specialist, whether it be a doctor, lawyer, dentist, or a good car mechanic. Because their skill and knowledge is so arcane and removed from that of the average person, it's hard to evaluate their competence and value. Diplomas, plaques, and certificates provide impressive window dressing, but when the rubber hits the road, you want someone you can depend on to do a top-notch job.

Replacement Window Prices - One of the most important factors to consider when planning a remodeling project of any kind is price. To know what you will be able to do, you have to know how much the project is going to cost. After all, most elements of a home improvement project are fairly expensive, so you have to know where you can and cannot cut costs. The best way to do this is the to plan ahead of time and consider each and every factor --- including the price of a full-scale window replacement.

Replacement Windows vs. New Construction - Now that you have decided to replace your windows, you must choose whether to use new construction windows or retrofit windows, commonly known as replacement windows. A look at both types of windows can help you choose the window that will best fit your needs.

Replacement Window Warranty - Look over your replacement window warranty in explicit detail. Ask the retailer or manufacturer questions about any language in which you don't understand. If the person dances around the question and doesn't give you a straight answer, then purchase your windows elsewhere as a reputable businessman should always be able to answer questions regarding a warranty.

Windows and Your Home's Ventilation - Homeowners can design a system of windows and venting skylights that makes our dependence on air conditioning in the summer lower, or can even reduce our dependence on heat in the winter. The secret to reducing our dependence on these modern and costly conveniences is based on proper air flow, ventilation and cross circulation.

Replacement Window Ratings - How do you find the replacement window ratings in order to find out which are the best -- and the best value of window replacement.

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