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Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Although it is often overlooked when considering home improvement projects, there are many advantages to replacing your home's windows. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), homes lose up to one third of their heat through their windows and doors, but you can increase your energy efficiency and save money by replacing your old windows.

Windows age along with your home, so you may need to replace windows that are original to the house. Warped or termite-infested wood windows, peeling vinyl windows, and casement window crank problems may indicate that it is time to replace your windows. Check your windows regularly to note any deterioration and resolve any problems as they occur. A professional inspection can also help you decide whether to replace or repair your current windows.

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Reasons for and Benefits of Window Replacement

Today, windows are being built using advanced technology for greater energy efficiency. Environmental, conservation, and sustainability concerns can all be met with the windows currently being manufactured.

If you still have single-pane windows, you may wish to replace your windows. The inefficiency of single-pane windows can be easily replaced with energy-saving double-pane windows, which will keep wintry cold air and condensation out while keeping warmth in. You will save on your heating and air conditioning bills by improving your energy efficiency.

Reducing the amount of sun light and heat that passes through your windows can also help protect your home's d��cor from fading. Some replacement windows now feature special coatings to prevent overexposure to the sun.

Energy Efficiency and Replacement Windows

Many home owners choose to replace their windows in order to improve energy efficiency. Replacement windows can help you save on your monthly bills as your heating and cooling costs decrease.

You will recover the cost of replacement windows by making your home more energy efficient, which increases its resale value. According to Remodeling Magazine's ’Cost vs. Value Report’ (2007), those purchasing midrange wood and upscale vinyl replacement windows can recoup between 81% and 81.2% of their costs.

Energy Star and You

Look for the Energy Star label, which identifies those windows and doors that, according to the US government's Energy Star website (www.energystar.gov), are ’independently certified to perform at levels that meet or exceed strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Energy.’ The Energy Star label helps identify the most efficient windows available.

You can save energy and money with Energy Star windows while lowering your home's environmental impact. Energy Star windows protect your home from exterior cold and heat while reducing fading and condensation. And Energy Star windows come in a variety of style options to suit your home's d��cor. Skylights, sliding doors, casement, double-hung, and awning windows are just some of the options available in Energy Star windows.

Saving With Energy Star

According to government estimates, replacing single-pane windows with Energy Star windows can save homeowners $126-$465 each year. Savings for replacing double-pane, clear glass windows are estimated at $27-$111 per year, depending on the climate, weather, and energy needs of the area where you live. You can find more information regarding potential savings in your region by visiting http://www.energystar.gov/ia/products/windows_doors/images/Windows_AnnualSavings3.jpg. The savings can be quite dramatic, so why wait to replace your single-pane windows with energy-efficient Energy Star windows?

Style and Beauty

Of course, the look of your new windows is an important consideration. By replacing your old, dull, and chipped windows, you will give your home a refreshed, updated look. A variety of exterior and interior frame colors and styles are available, so you can choose the window that will coordinate best with your home's d��cor. Consider styles that are different from your old windows for a new look. For example, you may be able to replace an old double-hung with a slider or casement window or a picture window with a bay window. The possibilities for changing the look of your home and windows are endless!

By allowing more natural light into your home, your new windows can make your home a bright and comforting environment!

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