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Purchasing Replacement Windows

Once you have decided to replace your current windows, you must choose when and how to complete the installation. Below we provide you with some tips to help you with your decision to purchase new replacement windows. Before we do, here are some rough pricing guidelines when you do purchase your home windows.

2'X4' Single Hung Replacement Window
Aluminum - $200
Vinyl - $350
Wood - $500

3'x4' Double Hung Replacement Window
Aluminum - $300
Vinyl - $500
Wood - $700

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Additional Prices of Replacement Window Types

2'x4' Casement Replacement Windows
Vinyl - $500
Wood - $1,000

4'x4' Picture/Fixed Replacement Windows
Aluminum - $150
Vinyl - $400
Wood - $600

8' Bay Window Replacement Windows
Vinyl - $1,400
Wood - $1,800

While you may feel the need to replace windows in winter, the best time may be spring or fall, as your house will be open for several hours while the windows are being replaced. Choose a dry, comfortable period of the year, if possible.

Will you replace some or all of your windows? Decide whether to maintain the current window style or replace it with a different type or style of window.

Make A Budget

Decide how much you can afford to spend on windows. This will help you decide which styles and brands of window you can afford. Once you have a budget, you can better evaluate your options.

Choose Your Replacement Windows

Select the replacement windows that are best for your needs and budget. Be sure to consider the following when choosing windows:

1. Material: Windows come in vinyl, wood, fiber glass, and aluminum. Choose vinyl, fiber glass, or wood (wrapped with vinyl or aluminum on the outside frame) for the best quality.

2. Glass: You can find windows with single pane, double pane, or triple pane glass. The best is triple pane, but double pane is also very good. Avoid single pane, if possible.

3. Energy Efficiency and Window Ratings: Purchase windows with the Energy Star seal. Make sure windows have Low E coating, and consider even better options, such as Low E coating and Argon gas or Heat Mirror.

4. Manufacturer's Warranty: A lifetime warranty is always best, although some good windows may offer only a 20-year warranty. Do not purchase windows that have a window manufacturer's warranty of five years or less.

Choose a contractor to install your windows:

You may contact a window expert to get suggestions for the type of replacement windows best for you or to install the type of windows you have already chosen. Be sure to choose an experienced and expert window installer. Below are some tips to help you choose the right installer for your windows:

1. Contact several licensed and insured installers to obtain estimates on windows and installation.

2. Explain what you want and ask for references. Check the contractor's reputation with the Better Business Bureau.

3. Ask who will be doing the window installation – the contractor or someone else – and make sure you feel comfortable with those who will be working in your home.

4. Make sure you understand the contract and what is included in the estimate before you sign. Confirm the contractor's warranty on labor and installation.

5. While a deposit may be required, never make a full payment before the work is completed to your satisfaction.

Follow these steps when buying your replacement windows and avoid unwelcome surprises to your budget and your home.

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