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Replacement Basement Windows

Installing new basement windows can reduce energy costs, improve your home's value, and avoid other problems in the future. Since basement window plays an essential role in your home's defense against leaks, rodents, and other pests, making sure that you have windows that truly work to keep these things out is critical. If your basement windows have drafts, leaks, or often get covered with moisture, it's high time for you to think about installing new basement windows.

Choosing the right type of window is an important first step. If you install the wrong kind of replacement window, it's possible you'll see little, if any, improvement. They may look better, but the lack of functionality may not justify the expense. Be sure to consider the following issues before making your final decision.

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Replacement Basement Windows - Insulation

In the old days, windows in basements were constructed with metal or wooden frames. Since moisture tends to cause one to rust and the other to rot, unless you live in an arid area, this causes many problems. Basements are generally prone to dampness because of the wetness of the surrounding dirt, and windows are the major source of good ventilation and proper air circulation. While other replacement window materials are still available, vinyl windows have become an industry standard. Nowadays, vinyl windows are a good choice for basement replacement windows because they resist rust, rot, and mildew. They are also termite proof.

Once they are installed, vinyl windows are practically maintenance free. The wide variety of colors and styles enable you to match your new windows with your current d��cor and, because they are modular, they are a breeze to install.

The old basement windows also tended to be single paned. Upgrading to a double pane window with a high insulation value will prevent cold air from seeping into your basement because they have a higher R-value. The higher the R-value of your new windows, the better the insulation value. You might also take in to account how much light the windows allow to enter. Increasing the amount of solar heat can make quite a difference in the temperature of your cellar.


One aspect of basement windows that people often neglect is usefulness. Often basement doors and stairs are too narrow and steep to safely allow ungainly objects like ladders and lumber to be stored in the cellar where they are the most conveniently accessible and protected yet out of the way. A perfect replacement basement window will provide not only good ventilation but will also accommodate storage of longer objects.

Aesthetic Appeal

Beautiful basement windows must not only look good from the outside but from the inside as well. With the many innovative designs available, some with sliding panes and others with double glass panels, choosing a replacement window that best suits your basement's interior design is not difficult.

Installation of Replacement Basement Windows

Once you have chosen the type of new windows you want for your basement, you are ready to start installing your replacement windows. Even if you choose vinyl whose modular nature makes installation fairly simple, the average homeowner may want to call on a professional local contractor to make sure the window installation project is completed correctly. Even if you decide to do the job yourself, a professional can help you make your choice to guarantee that you get the results you're looking for.

When you select a replacement basement window, you should consider beauty, functionality, and durability to guarantee that your new basement windows will improve your home's comfort, value, energy efficiency, and appeal.

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