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Replacement Window Estimates

Getting multiple window price estimates is a good idea for a number of reasons. First of all, the process can greatly add to your knowledgable of replacing your windows. By the third or fourth estimate, you'll know exactly what to ask each window contractor providing you with your project bid. You will also get a much clearer picture or what the price entails -- does it include the demo on any windows coming out, the framing or structural issues to prep the space for the nex windows, the cost for hauling away your old windows and any other debris, as well as any overage costs that can come up in the process. When you get your replacement window estimates, ask about the different types and styles of windows that may work for your home and space.

Take advantage of the 2009 stimulus program and receive a tax credit of up to $1500 on your replacement windows project! In addition, find everyday savings, offers and promotions from many of our participating companies. Examples (which vary by company and location) include $150 off your window purchase and save 20% off your entire window purchase price.

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Finding Replacement Window Estimates

Are you considering replacement windows for your home? Replacement windows offer many advantages, from increased energy efficiency to more natural light, more even temperatures, and even dramatic transformations to your home's exterior.

One of the first things to consider when shopping for home replacement windows is the style that best suits your home. Researching the features that will improve your home's performance should also receive special attention, but most energy-efficient features can be found in every modern window. The real decision lies in the type of window you choose – and there are so many options!

When replacing your windows, you do not have to stick with what's comfortable (i.e., the same window type you had before). That's a little like buying the same model of car every time you go to the dealer. This is your opportunity to get creative and let your – and your home's – personality shine! Take the time to investigate your options. Match the right window to your home, and you can really make a change to the external appearance of your home as well.

Checklist For Your Replacement Window Estimates

1. How long have you been in the construction business?

2. What is your specific experience with installing replacement windows?

3. Do you have your own crew, or do you subcontract out the work?

4. Are you on site during the installation process?

5. Is there a specific window company or manufacturer you use or recommend? Why?

6. How much time will it take, from ordering to installation? For example, how long would a 10-window (fill in your own number) installation project take you?

7. Do you charge for your window estimates?

8. Do you have any recent projects where I can see how the windows look from the street?

9. Do you have any customer referrals?

10. In addition to the warranty on the windows, what type of warranty do you offer on your installation?

11. How are service issues handled after the installation is complete?

12. What do you recommend as far as going out and purchasing replacement windows?

13. What are your payment terms?

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