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Replacement Window Prices

The most important factors affecting replacement window prices include the manufacturer and distributor you buy from, the frame material, the glass type, the hardware and dimensions or sizing of the window. Because there are so many options, it's difficult to give universally reliable pricing. However, as a rule of thumb, average replacement window prices range between $300 and $700, which includes the rough estimate of $200 for installation.

Here are some issue that could increase the prices - unique dimensions of window openings (common on older homes), which requires carpentry work or a custom-made window. Extensive demo and/or prep work to get the window frames ready to installation. Flat out expensive windows, wood frames are the most expensive or when you buy from high end manufacturers like Andersen or Pella. It's worth noting that you often get what you pay for with the higher end windows - although obviously it isn't in most peoples budget.

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Replacement Windows Pricing

Home improvement projects can be very expensive. Before committing to replacing your windows, you should develop a plan and a budget that gives you a clear idea of what the combined cost of purchase and installation will be. Without a little forethought and prefatory footwork, you might quickly find yourself overwhelmed by bills. This will also enable you to choose among the best options when it comes to brands and contractors, not only for this project but also for the other aspects of your remodel.

Andersen Bay: $1,250 to $2,500
Andersen Sliding/Gliding: $330 to $927
Andersen Casement: $350 to $1,050
Picture Windows: $250 to $650
Double-Hung Windows: $275 to $2,500
Awning Windows: $350 to $1,050

Because home improvement projects are often somewhat complex, unexpected expenses in one area can quickly upset the most meticulously constructed budget if due care isn't taken up front. Before buying anything, signing any agreements, or starting work, ensure that you have a firm budget in place by doing your homework and shopping around to compare the price and quality of materials within each price range as well as the full range of options open to you.

Replacement Window Pricing Budgets

Fortunately, these days this information is easily available online, but you can also check out a wide variety of home improvement magazines or visit your friendly neighborhood home improvement store or retail window showrooms. Comparing replacement window prices and features have never been easier. While specific prices are easy to find, before your begin the nitty-gritty process of looking into individual brands, it's handy to have a general pricing scale to use as a guide for comparison purposes as you begin the process. There are such a wide variety of frames and features on the market that you need to do your homework before embarking on any major steps in a window replacement project. You should know what's available, what the average prices are, and what features may or may not be beneficial for your home and climate. Doing adequate research will help you establish a budget, keep your costs down, and keep your budget on track once things get underway.

The type of window and the energy-saving features you choose will have a dramatic impact on the price. Custom features might include tilting panes for easier cleaning, double or triple-pane glass, krypton gas fills, for example. As you start pricing out replacement windows, you'll soon find that the many energy-saving and easy-cleaning features available contribute to the price differences. In order to get the best deal in terms of both performance and price, you need to know which of these features is right for you.

On average, you can expect to pay $300-$700 for replacement windows that are fitted inside existing frames. Prices obviously vary rather dramatically and depending on the configuration you choose, you could wind up paying as much as $1,000 per window.

While you could install them yourself and save $35-$200 per window, that's risky business because someone whose not sure of what he's doing could very easily void the warranty. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional window contractor.


Luckily, most hardware is quite reasonably priced. The average price for window locks is $4, replacement window screens are roughly $40, while rescreening an old screen can cost as little as $16. Window pulls, sash lifts, and casement fasteners are also reasonably priced. Of course, these are the average prices for generic, off-the-shelf items you could pick up at any hardware or home improvement store. Almost without a doubt, custom windows will cost significantly more. In fact, you could end up spending as much as $100-$200 per window for additional hardware.


The prices also fluctuate widely from high-end to low-end brands. For instance, as you would expect, name brand windows are higher priced. Usually reputation and cost go hand- in-hand – the better known the brand, the higher the price. Of course, quality also helps determine product cost: the better the quality, the higher the price. A low-end Harvey vinyl window could run you about $300, while a high-end brand like Pella or Anderson window could cost close to $1000 per window installed.

Doing Your Homework

One way to cut straight to the heart of the issue is to talk to a dealer about all the different brands, window types, and features, and how they affect prices. A local window dealer should be able to provide an informed starting point to give you some basic idea of the cost of window replacements for your area. He'll be able to suggest you the best windows that include the features essential to your area and climate and the average prices for your area. On the other hand, a window dealer won't be completely unbiased because he may be on commission or have an exclusive agreement with some window manufacturers. Nonetheless, you can use the information he provides to build a foundation and then verify the information by getting a second opinion from another dealer, visiting a home improvement retailer, or going back to your trusty computer and scouting around online.

Another good way to check and compare prices and quality is to use consumer ratings. You'll find reviews by consumers and consumer advocates online and in various publications. Here again, be forewarned that some are more objective and trustworthy than others. In addition, many online forums offer valuable advice, word of mouth endorsements, and caveats that can be extremely beneficial. Look for recent reviews and ratings that include prices, discuss the installation process and its pitfalls, and post-installation assessments of the performance of specific windows. Be sure that any opinions from professionals are backed up by hard data.

Home improvement remodels of all sorts can be very expensive and this is no less true of replacement window projects. However, with some preparation and due diligence upfront, you can avoid unnecessary expenses. Develop a plan and a budget before committing to replacing your windows. Then you will be well equipped when it comes time to evaluate pricing. Forewarned is forearmed when it comes to the overall price you'll pay.

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