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Window Manufacturer Warranties

When it comes to replacement window warranties, its best if the homeowner is as informed as possible about the process of redeeming said warranty. This is particularly true if you have to purchase replacement windows via a payment plan. How do you know what kinds of warranties are available to you?

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Replacement Window Warranty | Window Manufacturer Warranties

The first step to take is to view and look over the warranty in explicit detail. Ask the retailer or window manufacturer questions about any language in which you don't understand. If the person dances around the question and doesn't give you a straight answer, then purchase your windows elsewhere as a reputable businessman should always be able to answer questions regarding a warranty.

Find out if the warranty is full transferable. This is important because then it may expire if you sell your home, which could affect the purchaser. This point is particularly poignant if you purchase insulated glass for your replacement windows as these products should come with a warranty of at least ten years without proration. There are some manufacturers that offer lifetime warranties; however, if they go under, so does the warranty.

You should also ask about service if something goes wrong, inquiring as to whether the company employs qualified service individuals to take care of a problem should something go wrong. Moreover, how long will it take for a service call to be processed and what can you expect in terms of quality?

Warranties will never cover every single aspect of the life of your replacement window. However, this guarantee will provide some protection for a least the initial period of time you have your new replacement windows installed.

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