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Replacement Window Frames & Materials

Replacement windows come in a variety of frames and materials. Window frame are available in aluminum, composite, fiberglass, steel, vinyl and wood. Every type of window frame has its strengths and weaknesses - finding the right window frame for your home and environment is very important for your long term satisfaction. Additional issues explored in this section of our website include window hardware, window glass and panes, screens, sashes, etc. For a quick reference guide, click to compare and contract window frames and materials.

Take advantage of the 2009 stimulus program and receive a tax credit of up to $1500 on your replacement windows project! In addition, find everyday savings, offers and promotions from many of our participating companies. Examples (which vary by company and location) include $150 off your window purchase and save 20% off your entire window purchase price.

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Replacement Window Frames | Replacement Window Materials

Aluminum Replacement Windows - An emerging trend in remodeling and the home building industry at large is aluminum windows. A perfect addition to any design scheme, aluminum windows are a more versatile choice than other window types, including vinyl or wood. Moreover, aluminum windows are durable and naturally adept at filtering noise.

Cellular PVC Replacement Windows - Cellular PVC is one of the most popular framing materials used for replacement windows. It is popular with many homeowners given its relatively low cost. PVC is a thermoplastic polymer that is often used because of its fair cost, durability and ease of fabrication. Cellular PVC is a relatively new creation, and is especially popular because it has 50 percent less density than normal PC, weighs the same as wood, and carries a tensile strength of roughly 5000 PSI.

Composite Replacement Windows - Composite windows are one of the newest trends in the replacement window market. Resistant to wear-and-tear, composite windows feature a sash and frame made from different materials like ground-up vinyl, sawdust and wood chips bound by epoxy. Homeowners reap several benefits by using this window blend.

Double Pane Replacement Windows - There are many benefits to replacing the windows in your home or business. For most home or business owners, the benefits are cosmetic; after all, new windows look nice and enhance both the interior and exterior of your space. However, what some people may not realize is that an added benefit to window replacement is the generation of energy efficiency, particularly when double pane windows are chosen to replace older, single pane models.

Fiberglass Replacement Windows - Fiberglass is the best kept secret in windows. Less than one percent of windows feature the material, but fiberglass offers homeowners a slew of benefits. Eco friendly, strong and available in a range of forms, fiberglass edges vinyl out on multiple fronts.

Replacement Window Glass - Knowing your window options is the first important step when shopping for windows to make sure you get exactly what you need for your home. When choosing from the varieties of glass available to you, consider your energy efficiency goals. Once you have a clear idea of your goals, take a moment to review the different grades of glass. This next section will take you through an overview of the four basic types.

Replacement Window Screens - Replacing your window screens is a home improvement project that most homeowners can do themselves, as long as you have the right tools and a little knowledge. By following a few step-by-step instructions, you can have new screens on your windows in a short time.

Steel Replacement Windows - Steel window frames and door frames have been used in various forms of architecture throughout history. This is due to steel's extreme strength and durability. The use of steel has made it possible for there to be extremely narrow sightlines, since steel is such a strong material and can frame windows and doors with less material than other materials, such as wood or aluminum.

Vinyl Replacement Windows - Vinyl windows are the most popular choice for replacement windows. Made of polyvinyl chloride, they provide durability, require low-maintenance, and improve energy efficiency. For someone other than a chemist, they also pose a spelling challenge and may be labeled anything from vinyl to vinil.

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