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Composite Replacement Windows

Composite windows are one of the newest trends in the replacement window market. Resistant to wear-and-tear, composite windows feature a sash and frame made from different materials like ground-up vinyl, sawdust and wood chips bound by epoxy. Homeowners reap several benefits by using this window blend.

Although first introduced in the 1990s, composite windows have been linked to a number of rewards. Thermally similar to wood windows, composite windows resist rot, warping, and insects. That's because a composite window can be made from wood to allow for painting or staining, while the exterior can be made from weather-resistant materials like vinyl or aluminum. Dimensionally stable, composite windows are also air and water tight.

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The Advantages of Composite Replacement Windows

In addition to the previous advantages mentioned, composite windows are also durable, energy-efficient and low-maintenance. The materials composite windows consist of have high-impact resistance, preventing them from denting or fading. Moreover, the frames of the windows are recyclable, while the windows themselves are available in many styles, sizes and colors for new or replacement applications. The most highly recommended composite windows feature heat-welded joints and color consistency throughout the frame.

The Cost of Composite Windows

Composite windows represent the higher end of the replacement window market, but they are reasonably priced. While more expensive than vinyl, the windows cost less than clad wood. They appeal to homeowners who want the look of wood without the expense.

When selecting replacement windows, however, cost is just one factor. Weigh your options carefully when deciding. Visit Internet forums where homeowners share experiences about their home replacement windows. Call window companies to discuss your project, concerns and obtain a bid, making sure to avoid high-pressure sales tactics.


Many replacement window companies manufacture composite windows. Below is a list of the most popular makers of composite windows. The list also details each manufacturing line.

* Marvin Windows and Doors: Known as a leading composite window manufacturer.

* AMSCO Windows: Offers wood fiber composite windows and doors.

* Traco: Manufactures composite windows for residential and commercial applications.

* Pella Windows: Provides engineered composite windows for both new and replacement window projects.

* Thermal Line Windows: Manufactures vinyl windows and composite windows.

* Andersen Windows: Provides single unit composite windows.

Composite replacement windows offer a wide range of benefits for homeowners. Air-tight, rot-proof and strong, composite windows excel in energy efficiency. Fortunately for the homeowners in search of them, window manufacturers make these durable windows available in countless forms.

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