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The Benefits of Double Pane Window Replacement

There are many benefits to replacing the windows in your home or business. For most home or business owners, the benefits are cosmetic; after all, new windows look nice and enhance both the interior and exterior of your space. However, what some people may not realize is that an added benefit to window replacement is the generation of energy efficiency, particularly when double pane replacement windows are chosen to replace older, single pane window models.

Double pane windows are some of the most energy efficient windows types on the market. They help you to reduce the overall cost of your energy bill by allowing you to use less air conditioning and heating. There are a number of advantages to installing double pane windows, including:

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The Advantages of Double Pane Replacement Windows

There are many advantages of double-pane replacement windows -- the following are the main benefits for these popular home replacement windows.

�� They are thicker, which means that they provide much better insulation than single pane. In fact, single pane windows have an R-value of 0.85, while double pane windows carry an R-value of 1.75.

�� Double pane windows often provide better cosmetic appeal than their single pane counterparts. For example, you can insert decorative frames in the space between the window glass panels of double pane windows to make the window look like it is comprised of individual panes. This type of cosmetic versatility is appealing to those people looking to be able to mix up window styles.

�� Double pane windows come with high UV coatings, thereby protecting the interior of the home from sun damage, which can occur over time.

�� They are very easy to clean and reduce the influx of noise coming into the home either from a specific source or just general environmental noise from cars, people, animals, etc.

It is important when choosing a double pane window to choose the right one, depending on the natural climate where you live. For example, one might opt for a gas-filled window if the average climate is fairly cold with a durable framing like wood or vinyl windows. Warmer climates dictate air-filled windows with aluminum frames. If you are unsure about which type of window and framing to purchase for your home, ask an expert and get professional advice so you know the choice you've made is the right one.

Window replacement doesn't have to be a grueling process. Simply take your time and do some research. In the end, you will see why double pane windows are the optimal choice for energy efficiency and overall cosmetic appeal.

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