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Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Fiberglass is the best kept secret in replacement windows. Less than one percent of windows feature the material, but fiberglass offers homeowners a slew of benefits. Eco friendly, strong and available in a range of forms, fiberglass edges vinyl out on multiple fronts.

Endurance - What's the major edge of fiberglass? The durable material is nine times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than aluminum window frames. Fiberglass frames are stable and rust and weather resistant. Moreover, fiberglass isn't susceptible to bugs and won't warp, corrode or rot.

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The Fiberglass Advantage

Variety - Not only can you find fiberglass windows in different shapes, styles, and sizes, such windows can also be purchased with various combinations of gas fills, low-E coatings and grids. Additionally, options abound for hardware and window accessories in convenient and safety-oriented choices.

Because fiberglass windows can be painted, the color choices available for them are numerous. Expect to repaint the windows at some point, however. Paint colors fade and weather over time.

The Green Alternative - With 60 percent of fiberglass windows composed of recycled material, fiberglass presents homeowners with a ��green' alternative to vinyl window frames. That's because vinyl has been found to release volatile chemicals into the air through evaporation, a process known as ’offgassing’ which can unfold for years after vinyl installation.

Energy Efficiency - It's no surprise that fiberglass windows with Energy Star certification are plentiful. Fiberglass expands at approximately the same rate as glass, so it leaks less air and contorts less than vinyl or aluminum. To boot, fiberglass is an insulating material. Accordingly, there's no need for the metal stiffeners vinyl often requires or the thermal break aluminum windows do.

Cost - By industry standards, fiberglass windows are mid-priced. Within that category, though, the cost of fiberglass windows varies depending upon the manufacturer. To find the best price, do some comparison shopping. Find out more on replacement window prices.

Vinyl windows commonly feature super spacers. Fiberglass windows, in contrast, are typically built with metal spacers with rubber gaskets. Because super spacers are more expensive than the spacers used with fiberglass, not to mention less able to stop heat transfer than gas fills and low-E coatings, budget conscious consumers may find fiberglass more economical.

Overall, fiberglass windows cost 10 to 30 percent more than mid-grade vinyl windows. That's to be expected considering the advantages fiberglass windows have over their vinyl counterparts. The durability, versatility and energy efficiency of fiberglass makes it worth every penny.

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