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Steel window frames and door frames have been used in various forms of architecture throughout history. This is due to steel's extreme strength and durability. The use of steel has made it possible for there to be extremely narrow sightlines, since steel is such a strong material and can frame windows and doors with less material than other materials, such as aluminum or wood window frames. This has given buildings and structures that use steel frames a very distinct architectural look. There are other benefits to using steel window frames and door frames in buildings as well.

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The Benefits of Steel Window Frames and Door Frames

One of the main benefits of steel window and door frames is their strength and durability. In fact, steel is three times stronger than aluminum window frames. As already noted, this feature has allowed steel frames to provide narrow sightlines and expansive areas of glass in architectural structures that have resulted in a very unique and sleek look. Many commercial buildings use steel frames due to this benefit and the look that steel frames can offer in a large building is sought by many building owners. Steel frames are often found in buildings such as hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals, office buildings, retail stores, museums and even churches. There are many reasons in addition to their strength and durability that also make steel framed windows and doors a preferred choice for homeowners.

Installation of steel window frames and easy replacement of older frames is another beneficial feature that makes homeowners choose steel frames for their homes. Older frames are easily replaced using steel frames and these frames can come with an assortment of factory applied finishes, designs, efficient weatherstripping and high performance glass. Steel frames can be designed to offer the same aesthetic look that older frames, such as wood or aluminum previously offered and are a great choice for replacing historically designed windows and doors. When installing steel, homeowners can feel confident that these extremely strong frames will be easy to install, will not have distortion, warping or other problems, and will have hardware that securely holds the glass in place.

Homeowners can also appreciate the strength that steel framed windows and doors offer in their home over other options, such as wood, aluminum or vinyl windows. And steel framed windows and doors are versatile and can provide homeowners with the sleek looks and narrow sightlines that are available on commercial buildings. With this benefit, homeowners can have large areas of glass, such as expansive windows and doors that let the outdoors in, add visual interest to their home, and increase the uniqueness and value of the home as well.

In addition to being strong, steel window frames are durable and will maintain their form, function and look for many years. Steel framed windows and doors have been used for hundreds of years in buildings and are not just a modern invention. While they are often used in modern structures for their sleek look and narrow sightlines, steel frames have been used for centuries on many classic structures and have withstood the test of time. Steel is stronger and more durable than just about any other material that would alternatively be used to frame windows and doors and has been a mainstay of building for centuries.

Steel frames are also very versatile and can be used in the interior of a home or building as well as on the exterior. Many buildings, stores, and major buildings use steel frames on part or all of the structure and also use the steel both inside and out.

For centuries, steel frames have been used in all types of architecture from classic to modern and that is due to steel's many benefits. Steel is one of the strongest building materials available, is durable, is versatile, is easy to install and can be used for many purposes. One of the biggest benefits to using steel frames is that due to its strength, it can accommodate and hold expansive areas of glass with narrow sightlines which adds beauty and uniqueness to buildings, structures and homes.

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