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Wood windows have been used in home and building construction for centuries and still are a great option for many homeowners. Wood replacement windows are considered one of the higher end options when it comes to window styles but do have some downsides, such as more maintenance requirements than vinyl windows or other types of windows, but the beauty of wood is still unsurpassed. While wood windows do require more upkeep and maintenance than other windows, if properly maintained these windows can last for decades, providing beauty and comfort to homeowners.

The biggest advantage to wood replacement windows is their look. They can be painted or stained to match any interior or exterior color palette or style and they offer a substantial and high end look. They are a great option for homes with a more classic look or that have some historical value, but they can be equally as effective in more modern home designs as well.

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Wood Windows | Wood Replacement Windows | Wood Window Frames

The main downside of wood windows relates to the amount of maintenance they require. Wood requires painting or staining and sealing to protect it from the elements. Otherwise, wood can rot or warp when exposed to excessive moisture or can crack or split if it gets too dry. Wood windows are also prone to insect infestation, such as termites, so they need to be inspected periodically to make sure there is no sign of insects. But with periodic inspections, maintenance and upkeep, wood windows can last for decades or more and provide a beautiful look to many homes. Some of the very high end manufacturers of wood windows will use mahogany, which is more rot resistant than other types of wood, but due to its high cost, the majority of wood windows are manufactured from pine, which is a less expensive wood source, but requires more upkeep. Despite their added maintenance requirements, wood windows are considered a high end purchase and generally cost more than vinyl windows or other types of windows, but they offer an unsurpassed look for your home.

Most wood windows are available as new construction windows, rather than replacement windows. These windows work well for new construction or if you are completing ripping out the walls in your home where the windows will be placed, since new construction windows usually only come in stock standard sizes and the openings of the windows must be made to exactly fit the dimensions of the window. When installing new construction windows, all of the interior and exterior trim must be installed or replaced (unlike typical replacement windows). Some higher end manufacturers of wood windows will make custom sized windows as well. There are other wood windows that are like pocket replacement windows so they can be used as replacement windows and fit into the area where the old window sash was removed, without a lot of extra installation and without having to remove and replace the interior and exterior trim.

No matter what type of wood window you choose and install, regular maintenance is the key to keeping your window looking and functioning well for years. The best way to do that is to periodically inspect your windows for sign of damage. Check the glass window panes and make sure there are no cracked or broken panes that can allow air exchange and can add to utility bills. Check the glazing on the glass as well. It is also important to check the putty that holds the glass in place and the areas where the windows meet the wall. If there are any gaps or crack, repair or replace the putty or the caulk. If the window is not closing tightly, additional weatherstripping may need to be added to maintain a tight and more energy efficient seal.

It is also important to inspect the painted areas of the window (if painted) and to make sure it is not chipped, cracked or just in need of a new paint job. Paint does more than just make a window look good – it protects it from moisture so make sure that the paint does not allow for moisture to seep in. Staining requires less maintenance than painting, but a good sealer must still be put over the wood to protect it from moisture penetration. Unpainted or unstained wood requires a periodic application of oil to protect it from the elements.

With a little periodic upkeep and maintenance, wood windows can be a beautiful and high end addition to your home that will last for many years to come. Not sure how to compare replacement windows - try this page.

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