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How to Install Replacement Windows

Replacing your windows can help improve your home's energy efficiency. Replacement windows designed to fit original frames can be easily installed by contractors or homeowners and can help reduce the cost and trouble of installing new windows.

Unlike new construction windows that include the frame and window and may require alterations to the wall and trim, replacement windows can be installed from the interior of the home with few adjustments. Remember that replacement windows will be smaller to fit an existing frame, but the slight loss in size is a small price to pay for the ease and lower cost of using replacement windows.

Take advantage of the 2009 stimulus program and receive a tax credit of up to $1500 on your replacement windows project!

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Installing Replacement Windows

You will need the following tools to complete your installation of replacement windows:

�� Tape measure
�� Chisel
�� Pry bar
�� Utility knife
�� Drop cloths
�� Level
�� Reciprocating saw
�� Caulking gun and caulk
�� Shims
�� Hammer, nail set and 1 �� finishing nails
�� Replacement windows

Preparing to Install Replacement windows

The following steps will help your replacement window installation:

1. Choose the material (vinyl, wood, aluminum, etc.) and style (double-hung windows, casement, bay, etc.) of your replacement windows. Decide if your choice of window will require any structural modifications.

2. Use a chisel or ice pick to check your window sills for rotting wood. If the frame is damaged, do not install replacement windows until repaired.

3. Measure your windows several times to confirm the correct measurement. Measure accurately by doing the following:

�� Measure the width of the current window from one jamb (side) to the other. Check the width measurement at the top, middle, and bottom of the window.

�� Measure the height of the current window from the bottom sill to the top. Check the measurement at the center of the window as well as to the left and right.

�� To ensure an accurate fit, use the smallest of the measurements.

�� Be sure to measure carefully! Take several measurements and use the smallest!

�� To be extra certain, you can subtract �� - inch from the smallest measurement. Gaps can be filled in with caulk. Never purchase windows that are too large for your frame!

4. Using the measurements you have taken, order replacement windows. Check your new windows thoroughly before you begin installation.

5. Remove the inside stops on your window prior to installation. Keep the stops in a safe place, as they can be reused with the replacement windows.

6. Remove the sashes, cutting through nails, as needed. Clean the frame and remove any old caulk. Remove any nails that remain.

Installation of the Replacement Window

Now it is time to replace the old window with your replacement window. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Place the replacement window in the frame to ensure that it will fit the opening.

2. Place a thin bead of caulking on the inside edge of the outer window stops.

3. Position the replacement window in the center of the frame and check that it is plumb and square. To do so, use a level and diagonally measure the window from corner to corner.

4. Keep the window in place by using shims.

5. Reinstall the inside stops removed previously by using 1 �� inch finishing nails. Set the nails.

6. Caulk the area where the stops and frame meet.

7. Check your work from the outside of your home. Make sure the window frame's slop matches the sill's slope. If there is a gap, use the included insert or a piece of wood to cover, caulking where it meets the frame.

Your replacement window installation is now complete! Enjoy!

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