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About Andersen Replacement Windows

Andersen has been an innovator in window technology for over 100 years, creating beautiful and high-performance windows for homeowners across the country. In this article, we will discuss the company, its history, its product lines, and specific replacement windows that it offers.

Andersen is a brand recognized worldwide for its quality windows and doors. The company offers a wide range of choices for homeowners, including replacement windows, architecturally designed windows, storm windows, and a variety of other window hardware options.

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Replacement Windows – Andersen Corporation

There are more than 9,000 people working at 20 different Andersen locations, who continue to create innovative window designs and technology. The company is currently located in Bayport, Minnesota, producing more than six million windows and doors each year.

In addition to windows, Andersen has expanded its product lines to include other home improvement products and product lines, such as EMCO Doors, Eagle Window & Door's aluminum clad windows and patio doors, and Silver Line Building Products' vinyl windows.

Each replacement window that Andersen produces is made of solid wood and include low-maintenance Permashield vinyl cladding. Popular replacement windows, such as casement and double-hung windows, as well as more exotic options, such as skylights and curved windows, are offered by Andersen.

The company also provides installation services, ensuring the homeowner that they are not only receiving high-performance replacement windows, but that they will also function properly. The right window, installed correctly, can help to reduce conductivity and condensation, saving you money on heating bills.

Andersen Corporation History

In 1903, Hans Andersen's family business was established in Hudson, Wisconsin. Over the past century, through standardizing frame sizes, creating the first completely assembled window unit, developing clad windows, and inventing Low-E glass, the company has revolutionized the window replacement industry.

In 1952, Andersen introduced insulated glass, which eliminated the need for removable storm panels. In 1983, the company began offering Low-E glass. Low-E replacement windows reduce UV penetration, provide better protection and insulation, and stay cleaner longer than regular windows. Andersen is Green Seal certified for environmental responsibility, and was the first window manufacturer to receive this honor.

These are just a few of the innovative steps that Andersen has taken to reach its level of prominence today. With advanced technology, and new, innovative product lines, Andersen will continue to revolutionize the industry.

Andersen Replacement Window Product Lines

200 Series

Andersen 200 series replacement windows offer the same Andersen quality at a more affordable price to homeowners. Only the most popular window sizes and options are offered in this series of windows. The interior wood frame is typically pine or white colored; while the exterior finishes are typically white or sandstone.

400 Series

There are a wider variety of styles, sizes, interior color choices, and other options available in the Andersen 400 series. The performance and craftsmanship of this series are unparalleled.

Architectural Series

Andersen's Architectural Series offers specially handcrafted replacement windows that are made to compliment the windows of the 200 and 400 series. They are constructed in dramatic sizes and shapes and have a wider range of finishing options. Alder, cherry, mahogany, and Douglas fir are just a few of the interior finish choices available.

All Season/Storm Replacement Windows

Andersen provides windows that are not only beautiful, but also resistant to weather damage. The All Season/Storm series of windows and doors include Stormwatch protection. Impact resistant glass, extra fasteners for hardware, and reinforcement of the frames, sashes, and panels are all features of this product line.

The Stormwatch protection is offered on windows exclusively in the 400 series. You can choose from High-Performance Low-E4 glass, Monolithic Impact Resistance glass, and High-Performance Low-E4 Impact-Resistant glass, with Stormwatch replacement windows.

High-Performance Low-E4 Glass

The Low-E4 glass that Andersen includes in many of its replacement windows, offers you unparalleled protection for your home. UV penetration is reduced (17% versus 45% for standard glass), thermal protection is increased (Low-E4 averages 41% better performance during the summer and 35% better in the winter), noise pollution is reduced, and spotting is decreased. You are left with windows that are cleaner, quieter, and more energy efficient.

Andersen Replacement Windows

Listed below are a few of the window options that Andersen offers:

Bay and Bow Replacement Windows

These window types extend out from the wall of your home. They are typically used in rooms that have scenic views, and can maximize the space you have available. While they do require additional planning and construction, they allow you to appreciate both your home's interior and exterior.

Bay windows are characterized by one window, parallel to the wall, with two flanking windows at an angle, extending from the wall. Bow windows are a series of four or more windows that are set at varying angles to form a bowed shape to your wall.

Andersen offers bay and bow windows in a wide range of angles, types, and series combinations.

Awning Replacement Windows

Awning windows are designed to open outwards from a hinge set at the top edge of the window. They resemble awnings when opened, and can allow for ventilation into your home even during light rains. Awning windows are offered by Andersen in the 200, 400, and Architectural series of replacement windows.

Double Hung Replacement Windows

Double hung windows are one of the most popular window choices in homes today, and are characterized by two adjoining windowpanes that slide past one another when opened. Andersen created the Pressure-Seal after WWII, eliminating the need for pulleys and counterweights, and making double hung windows the primary window lines for the company.

Andersen offers double hung windows in the 400 Series Woodwright, the 200 and 400 Tilt-Wash, the 200 Series Narroline, and Architectural Monumental lines. Compressible bulb weatherstripping and vinyl-wrapped foam are used in Andersen's double hung windows, which increase their energy efficiency.

Casement Replacement Windows

These windows open outward through side hinges and a cranking mechanism. Casement windows offer better sealing protection than double hung and gliding windows, while still providing excellent ventilation for your home.

Casement Replacement Windows are available in Andersen's 400, 200, and Architectural lines. A system called SmoothControl that Andersen employs, ensures that the windows will be opened in eight cranks.

Gliding Replacement Windows

These windows are opened in a similar manner to double hung windows, however, instead of the two panes of glass sliding past one another vertically, they function by sliding horizontally. Andersen offers gliding replacement windows in the 200 and 400 series.

Picture and Transom Replacement Windows

Unlike the other window types listed above, picture and transom windows do not open. They are designed to create a maximized viewing area, and can be produced in greater sizes. Picture and transom windows are more stable than other window options as there are no moving parts associated with them.

Transom windows are typically smaller and more rectangular in shape. They can most often be found over doorways or other windows.

Andersen produces transom and picture windows in both the 200 and 400 series that can be matched to fit any location or existing windows in your home.

Specialty Replacement Windows

Andersen offers a wide range of specialty windows, including elliptical, circle top, oval, gothic, as well as others. They can be used to compliment existing windows in your home, or on their own as well.

Andersen replacement windows have been the leading manufacturer of innovative and advanced windows and doors for 100 years. The company offers a wide range of products and services that can be tailored to fit the needs of your home. If you are looking for replacement windows, Andersen should be one of the first places you look.

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