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Gerkin Replacement Windows and Doors

Gerkin began as a manufacturer of storm doors and windows. In continuous operations since 1932, the company has built a reputation as an ground-breaking designer of insulated windows and doors, setting the standard for aluminum residential and commercial windows. Over the years, the company's experience and expertise have grown. Obeying the old saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, many of its window product lines have been and still are often copied. To this day, Gerkin continues to refine and enhance its original products.

Throughout its history, Gerkin has established itself as a leading trendsetter in the design and manufacturing of energy saving insulated windows and doors. Product testing and designing is a constant process that has enabled the company to keep pace with evolving market demands and consumer needs. One thing that hasn't changed since Gerkin's inception over seventy-five years ago: a primary focus on manufacturing window and door products. Gerkin backs up its claims for product performance and quality by publishing AAMA test results for all its products.

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Gerkin Windows - Specializing in Rhino Aluminum Windows

This focus on innovation and invention has led to new product lines through the years. In 1989, Gerkin launched the Rhino Commercial and Heavy-Commercial Aluminum window series. Today there are seven commercial styles in the Rhino line. Each Rhino window reflects the design and manufacturing expertise acquired and honed over the years.

In 1993, to keep abreast of the new performance demands of the 21st century for both the new construction and the replacement markets, Gerkin created yet another new product line: the Comfort Series Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors. Comfort Series Vinyl products were designed to meet contemporary demands.

Broad Range of Styles

The following models of windows are offered by Gerkin Windows:

• Single Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

• Casement Windows

• Fixed Windows

• Awning Windows

• Basement Utility Windows

• Horizontal Slider Windows

• Hopper Windows

• Specialty Shape Windows

From the early twentieth century and into the modern millennium, Gerkin has thrived on the success of its products, which are high quality, maintenance free, and fairly priced and supported by comprehensive personalized service after the sale. Because Gerkin offers customers some of the best value for their money by building on its reputation through the continuing development of innovative new designs of ever improving quality, its home window and door products are sold throughout North America by professional building material distributors and dealers.

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