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Loewen Replacement Windows

Loewen windows produces top quality wood windows and doors. Their replacement window line includes casement, awning, double-hung, sliding, bow and bay, access, transom, and picture windows. A range of glass and glazing options offer high-energy efficiency and performance. Door and window hardware styles come in a beautiful selection of styles that provide versatile design options. Loewen also builds custom windows and doors and offers window sash replacement kits for double-hung windows.

Douglas Fir From Loewen Windows

Unlike the windows of other window makers, Loewen's are known for their douglas fir construction and their luxurious, elegant texture. This tightly grained wood is ideal for fine detailing. The wood's innate durability with its high natural resistance to moisture, decay, and insects is further enhanced by the individual, pre-construction treatment of all window components with a waterproofing and preservation sealant. All Loewen windows and doors are also available in mahogany, which is renowned for its aesthetic appeal and resilience.

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Aluminum Cladding From Loewen

On top of their good looks, aluminum-clad windows are ideal for harsh environments because they can't be splintered or dented and require very little care. To better protect your windows, Loewen uses only extruded aluminum, which retains its shape, resists denting, and lasts longer than roll-formed aluminum. It also doesn't need to be painted. Because Loewen's windows incorporate an airspace between the metal and the wood, they provide superior insulation.


The cladding is available in a variety of colors to match your specific needs. All nine standard and twenty-seven optional colors are created from Kynar-based paint. Kynar 500® resin or polyvinylidene fluoride (also known as PVDF coating) is used as the base resin. The coating, enhanced with ceramic pigmentation, is applied to properly cleaned, pre-treated, and primed metal components and then oven baked. The result is a finish that withstands direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and corrosive pollutants without fading.

Bronze and Copper Cladding

The Cyprium Collection features copper and bronze clad windows and doors that are unique in profile and construction. Handcrafted, thick copper and bronze sashes, window frames, and lites produce a cladding of exceptional strength and extraordinary beauty. The distinctive patinas of the metals add character that complements and accents the design of your home. The patina is the film on the surface of a metal that is produced by oxidation or coating by chemical compounds on the surface due to exposure to the elements. Patinas are often fragile and can flake off easily. The patina of bronze is a hard, non-reactive surface film that protects it against further corrosion. A variety of custom patinas is available within the Collection: Natura (unpatinated), Umbra (brown), and Verdigris (green). The Cyprium Collection is available in awning, casement, picture, and specialty windows.

Lowen Window Glazing

Loewen also uses thicker window glass than most other window manufacturers. Consequently, their windows are more energy efficient, soundproof, and resilient, resisting both breakage and the stresses caused by changes in temperature. Loewen provides many glazing options. The three different Heat-Smart® Plus Window Systems, which use air space and low E2 technology, each deliver a different level of thermal performance so you can choose the model that best suits your budget and your environmental conditions to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Plus 1 is double glazed, with one layer of Low E�� coating and a half inch air space filled with argon gas; Plus 2 is triple glazed, with one layer of Low E2 coating and a one half inch air space filled with argon gas; Plus 3 is triple glazed, with two layers of low E�� coatings and two 1/2" air spaces filled with argon gas. All three Heat Smart® Plus Window Systems also protect furnishings by screening out damaging ultraviolet rays, reducing fading and related damage. An ther option, the Tranquility® sound reduction system uses a combination of thick glass that is laminated to filter out damaging ultraviolet rays and exceptional fit and finish to reduce sound transmission. The Tranquility® system consists of a one-quarter inch pane of glass on the outside, an air or argon filled space, and a 7/32" pane of laminated glass on the interior and provides about the same energy efficiency as Heat Smart® Plus 1. Tranquility® glazing silences traffic and other urban noise and can even effectively dampen noise pollution around an airport. More on replacement window ratings.

To match these options and smoothly integrate them with the design of your home, Loewen offers a wide range of handles, locking systems, and other hardware choices that range from traditional to ultra-modern.

Performance and Certification

Because Loewen adhere to universally recognized accreditation and certification programs, Loewen windows are designed to meet or exceed the specifications of almost all building codes. With an extensive product line, custom capability, and years of market experience, you can depend on Loewen to create your custom applications to code and to specification, avoiding the time and cost of unforeseen last-minute modifications.

With their hardy yet elegant douglas fir or mahogany, thicker glass, laminated sash construction, and a choice between extruded aluminum or bronze and copper cladding, Loewen windows stand up to the toughest elements with beauty and style. Loewen windows are well suited to almost any type of project and are distributed globally by a worldwide network of professional dealers.

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