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Marvin Replacement Windows

Back in the early 1900's, in the little town of Warroad, Minnesota, George G. Marvin began the Marvin Timber & Cedar Company. At that time, little did he know the huge accomplishments that would come along with this business.

Years later, this business started making door and window frames, along with butter and ammunition boxes during the war. George Marvin's company then decided to take a turn for things in the mid 1900's, but specializing on windows and doors. They decided to leave the lumber business when they realized how much business they truly could make off of creating jobs people coming home from the war.

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Marvin Replacement Windows

In just a few years, Marvin��s business swiftly soared and many people began seeing how determined he was to his customers and the quality of his work. He made sure he took care of his employees and his customers. Ensured that his company was very well off, George Marvin brought his employees into a profit-sharing program.

Marvin's company had quite a few exciting firsts, which included being the first window making company to have a delivery fleet, and they were the first window manufacturer to have an entire product line. Many companies in the older days came out with only a few products that they offered, but Marvin knew many of his would sell.

Marvin always knew his business was going high and would be quite a success, but he may have never imagined his company, Marvin Windows and Doors, would be the world's largest company to produce wood windows and doors, all the while still being a privately owned family business.

To this day, Marvin windows is still going strong with the promise to treat customers with the utmost care and to make sure every one of their needs is met. Being a very profitable and reputable ownership, Marvin has won awards for their amazing and excellent home windows and doors. With specific detailing and top of the notch crafted material, Marvin is the perfect concoction for specializing in these two products.

Marvin windows is known for having a very wide-range assortment of window shapes, styles, and sizes. The company allows you to choose from the different window selections and mix and match your favorite items to perfect your beautifully crafted door or window. Marvin ensures the best quality, and is even backed up with a 20-year warranty.

The superior customer satisfaction isn't the only thing that's keeping this company far. Marvin uses top of the line materials which many other competitors do not use. The superior window frames and materials they use helps for their products to last even longer through wear and tear. The finish that is put on these manufactured goods helps to seal and protect them for years.

Marvin even offers advanced installers for their products. These window installers are handpicked by the company, to ensure even greater customer satisfaction. The company makes sure that the buyers of these products are comfortable with who is mounting their windows or doors. These installers also specialize in clean up and removal for the client.

Everything from the glass to the type of the wood is crafted custom ’fit’ to the customer. Marvin's beautiful materials used to make these stupendous products put the company at the top of the line. Marvin has made many promises to live up to the expectations of the customer and the company is going far beyond that with their stunning and talented craftsmanship.

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