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Silver Line Replacement Windows

Since 1947, Silver Line Windows has aimed to produce patio doors and windows that enhance homes while improving life for homeowners. Affordable and aesthetically appealing, Silver Line's replacement windows add beauty and charm to any house. That's why not only homeowners prefer Silver Line but builders and architects do as well.

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Silver Line Window Replacements

An Andersen Corp. subsidiary based in North Brunswick, N.J., Silver Line offers a variety of products. They include vinyl windows and doors as well as aluminum, replacement, acoustic and commercial windows. To boot, Silver Line also offers all-weather impact-resistant windows.

Silver Line's Window Energy Efficiency

Vinyl's a great insulator, superior in its resistance to heat transfer. Dual-weather stripping, standard on many Silver Line windows, creates a tight seal. This maintains the efficiency of the window and effectively eliminates drafts.

Silver Line's array of glazing options produces windows that will provide year-round comfort and energy savings. Dual-pane insulated glass reduces heat loss twice as much as a single pane of glass. Plus, the transparent metallic coating on Silver Line's optional LoE�� (low emissivity) glass filters out solar radiation. This decreases heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.


To ensure that they hold up under extreme weather conditions, all Silver Line windows are tested for structural and thermal performance. For your protection, Silver Line windows are also tested and certified to meet American Architectural Manufacturers Association standards for forced entry resistance.

Low Maintenance

Because vinyl window frames won't rot, chip, crack or peel, they never need painting. Moreover, the tilt-in sashes allow for safe and easy cleaning from inside the home. When the windows do need cleaning, soap with water usually does the job. Plus, Silver Line's windows open effortlessly, no matter the temperature or humidity level outside. Because balances never need adjusting, these windows operate easily for as long as you own your home.


How reliable are Silver Line's windows? So much that Silver Line offers a Limited-Lifetime Warranty for each one. The window warranty covers the window, insulated glass and window hardware.

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