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Types of Replacement Windows

There are numerous types of replacement windows for your home or office. They include awning windows, bay windows, bow windows, double hung casement windows, egress windows, hopper windows, sliding windows and storm windows. Our extensive replacement window article library below has a short description of each replacement window type, followed by a link to a full length article detailing each window, its characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and the main manufacturers for each type and style of replacement window.

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Types of Replacement Windows | Replacement Window Options

Awning Replacement Windows - Awning windows are hinged on the top and open outward from the top axis. People often associate them more frequently with older or historic homes, where the architecture dates to the days before air conditioning, and creative ventilation methods were developed to counter the weather conditions. Awning windows are regularly found in contemporary homes, typically as transoms above doors. As replacement windows, awning windows are affordable and are one of the easiest windows to replace and install.

Bay Replacement Windows - Bay windows let natural light flood in, making interior spaces seem not only bright but also large and cozy. Bay windows elegantly frame pretty views and add a sense of realism. They bring the outdoors inside by extending the window beyond the limits of the structural plane. They provide a multifaceted view – you don't just look straight ahead, but to both sides, too.

Bow Replacement Windows - Bow windows are kissing cousins to bay windows. Like the bay window, a bow window is a group of windows joined together to form one large window that extends from the outside wall of the home, like a suspended alcove. However, while a bay window is sharp and angular, bow windows are gentle and curved. They can be rounded, intersecting with the flat surface of the house like a semicircle, or the distended shape can be less pronounced – a shallow, graceful arc.

Casement Replacement Windows - Casement windows are beautiful and very traditional. In fact, they are the earliest form of movable window in history, and can even be found in medieval European structures. More casement windows in more homes and businesses could open – generally outward, though in France they opened inward. The lighter, softer wood casements were now painted in strong, popular colors such as blue, green, and red that added vibrancy to the homes and buildings.

Double Hung Replacement Windows - Double hung replacement windows are among the most popular type of windows installed in homes today. Double hung windows work well with almost any style of home and any type of architecture, and are available in a wide selection of sizes and styles. Whether your home is a ranch style home, a cape cod, a colonial or a contemporary, double hung replacement windows can add beauty, elegance and functionality to your home.

Egress Replacement Windows - An egress window provides an emergency means of exiting or entering a living area. It is an easily accessible opening through which you can escape or a firefighter can enter in the event of an emergency. They are required in every room used for sleeping purposes to provide a means of escape or rescue and are usually found in basement bedrooms. In order to qualify as an egress window, the opening must meet specific size requirements. Because this ruling is fairly recent in many parts of the country, most existing basements were not built with egress windows.

Hopper Replacement Windows - A hopper window is typically a small window that has a hinge at the bottom and tilts open at the top. The benefit to this style is that it allows the entire window to open. It is similar to an awning window, except that an awning window is hinged at the top and opens towards the bottom (it looks like an awning when it's open.)

Patio Replacement Windows - Patio replacement windows can be found in a vast variety of designs, sizes and styles, depending on what will fit best with your overall home window d��cor. One of the more popular choices in patio windows designs incorporates grilles that divide the patio doors into smaller panes within the larger glass display.

Replacement Picture Windows - A picture window is basically a very large window with one continuous unobstructed expanse of glass. Some picture windows can have dividers, but most consist of a single oversized pane of glass to provide the best view of the outdoors.

Ribbon Windows - Ribbon windows are a series of windows placed horizontally side by side with a mullion, or vertical post, separating each window. There is no specific size or number of windows that are standard when it comes to ribbon windows. The size of the windows and how many are placed side by side will be dependent on the size of the space to be covered by the windows.

Rotating Replacement Windows - One of the biggest benefits of rotating windows is the amount of ventilation they offer within a relatively small space. The windows open completely by rotating, or pivoting, around a center point in the window. Once they are pivoted open, they are able to open almost completely, which allows for maximum ventilation and air flow.

Single Hung Replacement Windows - What's the difference between single-hung and double-hung windows? Essentially, they are the same because they both have two panes, one above the other. However, only the bottom panes moves up and down on a single-hung, while both panes of a double hung slide vertically.

Sliding Replacement Windows - Sliding or gliding windows are constructed of a sash that slides horizontally along the window's frame, rather than vertically as in that of a double hung window. The gliding mechanisms are contained within the top and bottom headers of the window, rather than along the sides.

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