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What are Hopper Windows?

Some people are unfamiliar with what a hopper window is, or they confuse them with other types of windows, such as casement windows or awning windows. While hopper windows are similar to these other types of windows in how they operate, there are some slight differences between them which makes each type of window useful for different situations.

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Hopper Window Replacements

A hopper window is typically a small window that has a hinge at the bottom and tilts open at the top. The benefit to this style is that it allows the entire window to open. It is similar to an awning window, except that an awning window is hinged at the top and opens towards the bottom (it looks like an awning when it's open). Casement windows also operate in a similar fashion, but casement windows are hinged along one side of the window and open along the other.

Hopper windows are operated using a crank handle to open the window at the top. The window opens inward and the entire window can be opened. There is a mechanism that holds the window in place to stop it from slamming shut in case the wind blows. The window screen on a hopper window attaches from the outside and doesn't get in the way of the operation of the window, since the window opens towards the inside.

Typically used in areas that can only allow for small openings, hopper windows allow for maximum ventilation within a small space. Hopper windows are often used in basements or bathrooms where they can provide the best ventilation in a limited amount of space. Hopper windows, like awning windows, are also sometimes used over a door, and then they are referred to as transom windows.

Hopper windows are very energy efficient windows because they form a tight compression seal when closed. When the window is closed, the sash is pressed against the frame of the window, which prevents air leakage. In fact, hopper windows may allow only about half as much air leakage as sliding windows or double hung windows, because of the way the window seals when closed.

Many hopper windows are installed near ground level, such as in a basement. One other benefit to hopper windows is that they help to prevent debris from blowing into your basement because of the angle of the window. On the other hand, it is important to make sure that these windows are closed as soon as there is any sign of rain, because they can funnel rain straight into your home if left open due to their design. Read more on basement replacement windows.

There are a few disadvantages to consider when it comes to hopper windows, however. One thing to consider relates to privacy. Since the windows open inward, it is difficult to install blinds or curtains because they get in the way of the operation of the window. You can avoid this by installing a window treatment that can be pushed all the way to the side of the window when you want to open it, allowing for enough room for the window to operate properly. The windows can also be tinted or you can install a film over the window to solve privacy issues.

Another issue to keep in mind relates to security. Since these windows are often installed close to the ground, they are an easy way for intruders to enter your home. The locks and fasteners for hopper windows are on the top of the window, so they may not be easy to reach, but it is important to keep the windows locked when closed to maintain maximum security in your home.

Hopper windows are not the best solution for every window in your home, but due to their distinct operational makeup and benefits, they are very useful in particular places, such as basements, bathrooms and over doors. Hopper windows are available with both vinyl and wood window frames and can be ordered to match the colors of other windows in your home, or they can be painted. They are also available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Hopper windows serve a very practical purpose, but can also be an attractive addition to your home.

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