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Sliding and Gliding Replacement Windows

If you are looking to replace the windows in your home then you may want to consider replacing them with sliding windows. Sliding windows are also known as gliding windows and the two terms are pretty much used interchangeably. A sliding or gliding window looks similar to a stationary window, except that it can be opened for ventilation by sliding one of the sashes to the side. This option provides the beauty of an open and unobstructed view, similar to that obtained by a picture window, with the functionality of many other types of windows.

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Are Sliding or Gliding Replacement Windows Right For Your Home?

Sliding or gliding windows are constructed of a sash that slides horizontally along the window's frame, rather than vertically as in that of a double hung window. The gliding mechanisms are contained within the top and bottom headers of the window, rather than along the sides. One aesthetic benefit to sliding windows is that the window offers a more open vertical view to the outside than a double hung window. Rather than the sashes meeting in the middle of the window horizontally, the sashes meet vertically and interfere less with the view from the window. Sliding windows feature more glass than double hung windows and look more like casement windows or picture windows.

Sliding or gliding windows offer energy efficiency benefits due to their construction. Because the sashes slide across the frame and do not open in or out, they provide less opportunity for air to leak out. Of course, as with other styles of windows, there are different qualities of windows and different energy efficient options that you can choose from when ordering the windows. When replacing your windows with sliding or gliding windows, it is worth investing a bit more money to get more energy efficient options because you will recoup that money plus more in energy savings over the life of the windows. Options such as low-e glass, uv coatings, glazings and more can make your window perform better when it comes to energy efficiency. This is especially important when you have large windows, which tend to be less energy efficient.

There are different styles of sliding windows. Gliding stationary windows have one sash that remains stationary and a second sash that slides open and closed, all contained within a single frame. If you have a large opening that you would like to put a window in, then you may want to consider a sliding picture window. In this style of window, there is a stationary picture window, or large panel of open glass in the middle of the window with sliding windows on either side of the stationary panel to allow for ventilation. This offers functionality, while still offering open and unobstructed views.

Sliding windows can be framed in vinyl, wood, aluminum or fiberglass. This variety makes them a great option for many different types and styles of homes. Vinyl frames are usually the most budget friendly and wood frames offer elegance but also require more maintenance than other frame styles. One beneficial feature of sliding windows, no matter what type of material is used for the frames, is that they have nice contoured framing lines that allow the glass to take center stage on the window.

One of the major benefits to sliding and gliding windows is that they are a great solution when you do not have a lot of clearance space outside for windows to open. For example, you would probably not want to put casement windows near a walkway or patio because they would open into the flow of traffic. The windows also work well in buildings where it is safer and more effective to have a window that opens from side to side than to have one that opens out or up and down. Sliding and gliding windows can be larger than traditional double hung windows and offer more options when it comes to sizes and styles. They can also be selected with an option that doesn't allow a window to fully open, which can be a good choice if installed in buildings where a fully opened window could cause a safety risk.

Sliding replacement windows are a great option for many styles of homes. They provide many of the benefits found in a variety of other window styles. They offer large expanses of glass, such as those found in stationary picture windows, with easy to operate moving sashes, such as those found in casement or double hung windows. An added benefit is that because of the way sliding windows move side to side instead of up and down, they cause less obstruction of exterior views and since they don't open out like casement windows, they do not interfere with the flow of traffic

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