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Ribbon Windows

There are many options of windows available to homeowners in addition to the traditional standard windows that add visual interest and functionality to a home. One such option is ribbon windows. Ribbon windows are a series of windows placed horizontally side by side with a mullion, or vertical post, separating each window. There is no specific size or number of windows that are standard when it comes to ribbon windows. The size of the windows and how many are placed side by side will be dependent on the size of the space to be covered by the windows.

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Ribbon Windows

The defining feature in ribbon windows is the mullions that separate each window. The windows themselves are typically sliding or gliding windows or casement windows. The size of the windows can vary, depending on the dimensions of the wall they are being placed on. In between each window is a mullion and the thickness and design of the mullion can be customized to suit the homeowners decorative taste.

Most of the time ribbon windows are not located where other more traditional windows are located, but rather are placed high up on the wall. This offers a dramatic effect and allows a good deal of natural light to filter into the room, while maintaining privacy. By placing the windows high up on the wall, it also does not take away from any wall space that would otherwise be used for furniture or other purposes. For this reason, ribbon windows are a great option for small spaces where traditional windows would take up too much functional wall space.

Some ribbon windows are placed so high up that they are almost near the ceiling. Windows placed this high are sometimes referred to as clerestory windows. The windows offer a dramatic effect, similar to a picture window, but since the windows are placed so high up there are no issues with privacy. Since the windows are high up, they typically are also not covered by window treatments. The windows in and of themselves are a decorative design element of the room.

Ribbon windows are generally considered to be custom windows are not carried as standard windows my most window manufacturers. Since they are custom ordered, homeowners can choose from among a variety of options when ordering them, such as the type of frame material, the type of glass, any special glass coatings and any finishes. Since they are generally custom made, they will cost a bit more than a standard window with similar dimensions.

Installing ribbon windows requires a bit more expertise than installing a standard window on its own, so be sure to hire a contractor that is knowledgeable about the proper way to install ribbon windows. Some dimensions of ribbon windows can get to be rather long and the windows are installed high up on the wall, where they are very noticeable, so it is especially important that the windows be installed correctly and that they are level.

Ribbon windows offer homeowners the opportunity to add interest to their architectural design while brightening up a room. They are an ideal solution where privacy is an issue, or where space concerns do not allow for traditional window placement.

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