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Rotating Windows

If you are looking for a unique and interesting looking window, then rotating windows may be just what you're looking for. Rotating windows are circle or oval shaped windows with beautiful wood frames that can be fully opened by rotating the glass window around a central point.

One of the biggest benefits of rotating windows is the amount of ventilation they offer within a relatively small space. The windows open completely by rotating, or pivoting, around a center point in the window. Once they are pivoted open, they are able to open almost completely, which allows for maximum ventilation and air flow.

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Rotating Replacement Windows

Another benefit to installing a rotating window is that they are very easy to clean. Since the glass portion of the windows open completely and can pivot all the way around, they can easily be cleaned with minimal effort on either side.

Rotating windows are also energy efficient. They typically have reflective coatings applied to one side of the window glass so that heat can be deflected from entering the house during the warm summer months. When the weather cools off, the side of the glass with the reflective coating can be turned inside so that any heat that comes through the window is absorbed, rather than reflected away from the house and the interior warmth of the home remains inside.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to the windows, however, is their aesthetic style. Rotating windows are framed in natural wood and come in either round or oval styles. They offer a unique look that is reminiscent of an old world style, yet they are equally at home in a more modern home design. The round windows are ideally suited to small rooms that would not otherwise fit a standard size window. Due to their small size and interesting design, they provide light, ventilation and beauty to spaces that do not typically accommodate windows, such as a small bathroom or alcove.

Rotating windows are also available in oval shapes and can be ordered in larger styles. These larger windows can be placed just about anywhere and provide a great deal of light and ventilation. Since they add such an interesting architectural element and are constructed of natural wood, they are beautiful left on their own, without any window treatments.

Oval or circular windows are not the norm for most home windows, but the style and design of rotating windows adds functionality, energy efficiency and design all wrapped up into one. They are perfect when used as an accent window or in a small space that would benefit from the light and ventilation that they offer.

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